What do Teachers need to know about Counseling?

Social and Emotional Learning is Essential for the cultivation of safe and inclusive schools. Schools that are systemically implementing social and emotional learning report more academic success.

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The process

Leverage the engagement of all stakeholders - teachers, family, friends, and mental health professionals.

Create goal-directed options

Approaching with Care and appropriate escalation support

Quick word

Professional reflections on the importance of SEL in the classroom

"Teachers are on the front lines of some of our biggest challenges in education and deserve to feel empowered to handle the challenges that come with that."

Carlos Vazquez, M.S.Ed, M.Tech

"Schools need to understand that communication skills and techniques can be taught to teachers to support learning environments that lead to a safe and supportive community."

Dr. Lauren Shure

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What Teachers Need to Know about Counseling

In U.S. public schools today, it’s estimated that there is one school psychologist for every 1,381 students. We need to find a way to leverage technology to support training at scale that can help our students meet their social, academic, and career goals.

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